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Machines for cabin filters production
CABIN filters
CABIN filters productions.
VARIO BELTS pleating machine
vario belts vario belts
rotor belts rotor belts
ROTOR BELTS pleating machine
Semi-automatic machine for small and medium production
COMMON CHARACTERISTICS   • pleat height obtained: minimum 12mm, maximum 60mm. • maximum width obtained: approx. 90/300mm • Variable production: around 1 minute for 3 filters (depending on    the type of glue and the filters length)  Semi-automatic machine for small and medium production of cabin filters. This machine is suitable for production of different type of filters but in small quantity. The machine can use any kind of filtering media: paper, synthetic, synthetic with active carbons, etc. The machine needs the use of pleated and compacted paper produced with another pleating machine (not included in the furniture). Filtering media have to be placed manually in the special centre square (1 each different filter), then the machine glue the lateral strip in automatic and cut roughly the strip. Then the worker removes glued filters and the machine is ready for the new working cycle. The border is glued on the 2 sides of the filter in a continuous way between the different elements: it will be necessary to refine manually the border in excess (this operation can be made during the automatic cycle of the machine). With the use of special centre square it is possible to produce filters with trapezoidal profile.