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Machine and tools for special product
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S


  To produce any type of filters (oil and fuel filters, air circular filter)
COMMON CHARACTERISTICS   • Models with maximum length of staples: 50,250,350,500,600,1500 mm. • Bend minimum and maximum height, according to model, from 10-38mm. to 20-60mm. • Production depending on the filter packet length and the operator's speed. • the production is about 100-500 pcs/hr., according to the machine model • Complete maintenance and user manual with electric and pneumatic diagrams and a list of components used •Reliably and strongly built following European standards To produce any type of circular air or oil filter, made from pleated paper, the    edges of the filter packet must be joined together. Available a machine that utilizes hot-melt glue instead of the metallic band. Similar to the traditional model, it is substantially different in the mechanics. Easy to use and of simple construction, it can glue, on thebasis of models, differents pleats height and width, until 1500 mm of length.