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Machine and tools for special product
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S


glue dispensing  
(panel air filters and air circular filter)
COMMON CHARACTERISTICS   Four versions available • 1 or 2 rotating plates benches • Complete independence of plates with the double version • Electronically variable speed of plate rotation • Pneumatic slide with hydraulic brake for the forwarding of the distributing gun • Maximum diameter of die 350mm. • Electronic controls for all time cycles • Material pump and distributor supplied as optionals • Complete maintenance and user manual with electric and pneumatic diagrams and a list of components used • Reliably and strongly built following • European standards This is the machine that will satisfy your needs for the distribution of glue onto the bottom of air filters for industrial vehicles.  There are four versions: with one or two plates, with or without gun forwarding pneumatic slide.  The basic version has just one plate with a variable speed motor. The gun support has a manual screw horizontal slide, to move it across the radius of the plate, so as to modify the diameter of the string of product distributed. Another pneumatic vertical slide allows the gun to come closer to the piece during product distribution. A complete command cabinet allows the rotating plate speed, the distribution time, and the various time delays to be controlled, which allow a better and regular distribution of the product. The gun, ( or distributing valve ), and the product distributor ( or pump ) are optional and therefore are not supplied. The superior version, includes, in addition to the basic version, a pneumatic slide for horizontal forwarding during distribution.  This slide has an hydraulic speed regulator, this allows a very precise variation of forwarding without jerks and abrupt variations.  The controls for this devise are added to the command console and a switch also allows it to be excluded. The slide, described above allows the creation of product strings even a few centimetres wide. The production depends on how much product has to be distributed.