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Machine for pleating paper or syntetic media
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S


machine for panel and circular air filters
Other than the screw method and simple rotating pleaters, Cosmek also produce a special pleater which unites the two different types of pleating methods in one machine. POKET & ROTOR STARS With this machine it is possible to produce both panel and singular strip circular filters, moreover it is possible to produce circular filters with more than one strip at the same time (using  pre- cutting blades before the pleating process).The machine includes two pleating systems, the first whit stars rollers collecting system, the second with lateral closing screws system (for panel filters or circular single strip filters). Mounting and dismounting the appropriate groups, it is possible to work alternatively with one of the two systems. Therefore two distinct groups are supplied which must be mounted and dismounted adapting the machine to the required pleating system, (time necessary for this operation is about 1 hour).
COMMON CHARACTERISTICS   • pleat height obtained: minimum 15mm, maximum 60mm. • maximum width obtained: approx. 300/415 mm • maximum pleating speed: 1300 pleats per minute depending on the  type of paper, height of pleat and width of the roll of paper used. The advantages of the screw system are: • reduced consumption of hot-melt glue • fold sealing guaranteed • better control of the pleat pitch (the distance between one pleat and the other)  The advantages of the stars rollers system are: • the possibility of working on more than one strip of paper at the same time (by using a pre-cutting system before the pleating) • minimum pleat height 15mm
pleats collector system with lateral screws
pleats collector system with stars rollers