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Machine for pleating paper or syntetic media
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S


machine for panel and circular air filters
This machine is specialized in panel and circular air filters production, whit glued paper and embossing. A special pleats collector system with lateral screws guarantees an excellent glueing and distancing from the pleats. This category has no variants ( different systems of pleats collector ) but only options. It is compulsory the use of hot-melting glue. The screw method pleaters are ideal when producing pleated paper for panel and circular filters, (the latter with a polyurethane edge that does not completely seal the pleat. The pleats are glued whit hot-melt glue. The advantage of the screw method, compared to simple rotating pleating, is obvious: - each pleat is tightened one at a time guaranteeing first-class sealing which economizes on glue - the distance between each pleat is regular Due to their characteristics, the screw method pleaters use a continuous roll of paper which cannot be pre-cut. The paper must be smooth, and not all types of paper are suitable for this machine.
COMMON CHARACTERISTICS   • pleat height obtained: minimum 17mm, maximum 60mm. • maximum width obtained: approx. 300mm depending on the type  of paper used • maximum pleating speed: 1300 pleats per minute depending on the  type of paper, height of pleat and width of the roll of paper used. The various types of models can be distinguished by the different roll holder systems, if an automatic cutter at the end of the production line is present or not, on how many gluing guns are present, on maximum working width  necessary and for the eventual presence of a paper pre-heating system.
Trapezoidal profile With our machine it is possible to produce filters with trapezoidal or rectangular profile, with bevel on one or more angles. A special system, ruled by a software, manages works in a easy and fast way
pleats collector system with lateral screws