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Machine for pleating paper or syntetic media
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S


machine for panel and circular air filters
scoring rollers
pleats number marking
trimming and pre-cutting  
After  the  pleating  process  it  assures  good   pleat  bondage. This process is particularly useful when producing panel filters as the natural paper curling can be a hindrance. Available many model whit lamps or hot plate
post-heating system 
These are composed of two shafts mounted on a solid structure. The shafts have hardened steel blades which cut the paper to obtain the desired height of the pleat. A different  embossing roller "group" is necessary for each pleat height. It is possible to create, accordingly to Customers’ drawing, special knives, in order to obtain particular profiles, on top of folded paper.  
Is automatically done by a spray gun at every pre-set count set by the operator on the appropriate device. In alternative it’s possible to equip the automatic cutter with a new sensor that directly count the pleats, without the necessity of the ink spot. 
A paper trimming system can be placed before the embossing rollers for particular requirements. This group is composed of two loose blades, which descend using a pneumatic slide. These blades, which can be quickly activated and regulated, are useful when the paper bobbins have been badly finished and have irregular levels or for those who need to get more strips simultaneously.
In order to guarantee a good manoeuvrability and a good cut, the paper must be at ambient temperature. This kind of cooling group is useful if a post-heating or oven system is used. Available many model
Special automatic cutter, at the end of the line with fixed blade (cut with ink spot) mounted on its own structure. Cut on the lower part of the pleat. It is designed for the cut cold and not-glued paper. It is specific for oil filters and very compact paper. It’s provided of 2 lateral motorized belts that pick up pleats and guide them into the cut zone. 
pre-heating system
Pleating, on some types of paper can result to be a difficult process. To improve the possibility to process these types of paper a preheating  or humidifier  group can be used. Available many model whit lamps or hot plate or gas.
automatic cutter
web guiding
Automatic system with optical sensor capable of  correction +/- 10 mm. It is useful for the alignment of paper rollers that are not perfectly cut or with paper that use to wave. It is placed between the unwinder and the group of tensioning rollers, before entering the embossing rollers group.