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Machine for pleating paper or syntetic media
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S


This is a Rotor’s variant, VARIO means “Variable”. This machine can change the height of the pleat without changing the engraving rolls group. The machine is usually supplied with 2 rolls groups that allow to create pleats from 15 to 50 mm. This machine is supplied with a motorized hold paper with automatic tensioning system.
COMMON CHARACTERISTICS   • pleat height obtained: minimum 12mm, maximum 50mm. • maximum width obtained: approx. 300/700mm • maximum pleating speed: 1000 pleats per minute depending on the  type of paper, height of pleat and width of the roll of paper used. This variant of the VARIO pleating machine, uses a motorized belts system to collect the pleats, thus substituting the standard system. It is introduced instead of the standard group. Pleats are collected by toothed motorized belt perfectly   synchronized with the folding. This allows a notable improvement of  the simplicity of the machine’s use and it completely disengages from the problems related with the pleating system regulations of theese machines .   This system heightens considerably the easy use of the machine, thus allowing to have a better quality with less labour. This system is particularly suitable for pleats high from 12 to 40 mm, therefore for oil or fuel filters. This machine can work papers and “hard” synthetic materials without any problem. These machines can work only without glue. The maximum tolerated width of the roll of paper is 700mm.  Smaller versions with the maximum paper passage of  600 and 300mm are available.
BELTS pleats collector system
machine for circular air filters machine for oil filters machine for cabin filters
A part from the large amount of time the operator saves, the electronic solution of the Vario allow pleat height increases of 0.1mm. This machine is suitable for filter element production which do not need to be glued between the folds, such as some types of circular  air filters for industrial vehicles or oil filters. The machine is supplied with two groups of rollers suitable for two height groups: the first for pleats from 15 to 28 mm the second for pleats from 29 to 50mm.
belts pleats collector pleats without glue (oil/fuel filters, air circular and cabin filters)