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Whit a Cosmek machine you are buying more than 40 years “on field” tested and developed experience and tecnology

COSMEK is a company founded in 1991

Composed of a small number of employees, it has a larger number of companies/suppliers which, with their specific experience and specialization, collaborate on the building of the projects. Important and basically tight and continuous collaboration with important firms which produce filters, has enabled us to specialize in the plan and manufacture of machines for the filter industry to which we claim avanguard realizations. The latter has enabled us to acquire a forty year experience in the filter environment.         Together with these firms we continuously test new features, new solutions and new machines 
I  T  A  L  I  A  N    F  I  L  T  E  R  S    M  A  C  H  I  N  E  S
A COSMEK machine starts from a customer desire to make or in some way transform a product.

This desire is analysed and developed by Cosmek

which is backed up by the experience of distinguished collaborators. This specialized collaboration permits us to up-date with the best solutions and innovations to resolve each problem met during the building of the machine. When the project has been completed, the machine parts building phase starts, which is entrusted to external firms which are under Cosmek's control and responsibility. Final mounting, tests, etc. are made exclusively by Cosmek. Cosmek machines, although avoiding wastage and exaggerated high costs, claim the use of quality and first class material and components other than the generous dimensioning of the particularities of which they are made up. All the materials are chosen with care taking into account the different working environment which can vary from customer to customer. Even the final destination of a machine influences the choice of the technical solutions and components, avoiding where possible complications and special particularities in areas where specialized personnel and spare parts are hard to come by. Customer assistance and collaboration is complete. Each machine is supplied with a complete user and maintenance manual with detailed instructions for its functioning, electric and pneumatic diagrams, section views and illustrations, program lists, commercial material and spare parts lists. Other than this, Cosmek, on request, can train your staff either at our company or at the final destination, for the installation and starting up……..

even on the opposite side of the world !

The  CE certificate on a Cosmek machine is not only a metal plate but it is a guarantee of  QUALITY

To guarantee staff and plant safety, all our machines

are built respecting the latest  CE normatives.

This certificate is not only a metal plate attached to the machine (as often happens) but valid proof of the machine's safety characteristics.  The plate is accompanied by a written certificate and more: as prescribed by law and as you have the right to demand, the certificate is accompanied by user and maintenance manuals. Each manual contains, satisfying and precise information on how to use the machine and its maintenance, all the electrical and pneumatic drawings necessary when looking for and resolving machine failures and ordinary maintenance. When the machine is provided with software programs, all program lists and a copy of the electronic disk are provided. A list of all the electrical and pneumatic components complete it all.  

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